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iClean® Sterile Swab - Flocked Nasal (RK21659-B)

Catalog No.: RK21659-B

Size: 100/box

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These sterile, flocked nasopharyngeal swabs are used for cell and virus specimen collection under a clinical setting. These flocked swabs are designed to collect clinical and forensic specimens. Unlike traditional swabs, samples collected using iClean® sterile flocked nasopharyngeal swab stay close to the surface for easier, faster, and more complete elution.

Product Features
  • Ergonomic and Anatomic Design – Unique design improves patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection.
  • Rapid Automatic Elution – Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media.
  • Improved Sample Collection – Utilizes an innovative jet embedded nylon technology that can improve the efficiency of the sample collection from the patient at the largest degree.
  • Recovers More Cells – Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects liquid via capillary action.
  • Quantitative Volume Transfer – Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube.
  • Entire Sample Released – Flocked swab will effectively release at least 90% of the collected specimen.
Swab Tip Flocked, synthetic (nylon)
Shaft ABS
Full Length 150 mm
Length (Swab Tip) 20 mm
Length (Shaft) 130 mm
Diameter (Nasal Swab) 3 mm
Diameter (Shaft) 2.5 mm tapered to 1 mm
Breakpoint (From Swab Tip) 80 mm
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