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  • 8/242022

    University of California, San Diego

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    University of California, Irvine

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    Biogen | MIT | Novartis | Whitehead Institute

  • 9/12022

    Longwood Medical Area | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

  • 9/72022

    University of Pittsburgh

  • 9/132022

    Forsyth & 245 First St Cambridge

  • 9/132022

    Texas A&M - College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

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    Texas A&M Health Science Center - Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

  • 9/152022

    Texas Medical Center

  • 9/152022

    Umass Med Beechwood Hotel Worcester

  • 9/162022

    Technology Square, Cambridge

  • 9/292022

    University of California, San Francisco - Mission Bay


Structural insights into preinitiation complex assembly on core promoters

Journal: Science

Publication Date: 4/1/2021

PubMed ID: 33795473

Referenced Products: TBP Rabbit pAb (A2192), POLR2B Rabbit pAb (A5928)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

Molecular basis of nucleosomal H3K36 methylation by NSD methyltransferases

Journal: Nature

Publication Date: 12/23/2020

PubMed ID: 33361816

Referenced Products: H3K36me1 Rabbit pAb (A2364)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

SPT5 stabilizes RNA polymerase II, orchestrates transcription cycles, and maintains the enhancer landscape

Journal: Molecular Cell

Publication Date: 9/10/2021

PubMed ID: 34534457

Referenced Products: Vinculin Rabbit mAb (A2752), H3K25ac1 Rabbit pAb (A7253), SUPT4H1 Rabbit pAb (A7933)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

Cancer cells escape autophagy inhibition via NRF2-induced macropinocytosis

Journal: Cancer Cell

Publication Date: 3/18/2021

PubMed ID: 33740421

Referenced Products: NRF2 Rabbit pAb (A11159)

Sample Species: Mus muculus

Application: WB

Targeting mitochondria-located circRNA SCAR alleviates NASH via reducing mROS output

Journal: Cell

Publication Date: 9/14/2020

PubMed ID: 32931733

Referenced Products: RNASEL Rabbit pAb (A9840)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

  • CUT&Tag: An Alternative to ChIP

    The arguably most fun thing about science is when your supervisor tells you to just do Experiment X to test hypothesis, but then they kind of forget to tell you how complicated the techniques are to perform that experiment, not to mention all the optimization you would need to do.

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  • 6 Lab Hacks to Make Your Life (Science) Easier

    When I was in college, I enjoyed reading about Chindogu, which literally means “weird tool” in Japanese. The whole point of Chindogu was to make hilariously “unuseless” objects, somewhat like a tool that you might use, but wouldn’t actually buy because it was so absurd.

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  • In Your Eyes: The Journey Toward Reversing Visual Impairment

    Since I’ve been living with it for as long as I can recall, I don’t consider my visual impairment a disability. Unlike the millions of people who require corrective lenses, though, my impairment is much more permanent and far less manageable, but it hasn’t prevented me from enjoying life and participating in physical activities.

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  • 5 Steps to a Better PCR: A Troubleshooting and Optimization Guide

    Ever since Kary Mullis (that crazy guy, may he rest in peace) officially invented the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), an entire generation of molecular biology has exploded across the globe as scientists use PCR for a number of applications, from measuring gene expression to forensics.

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