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ANDiS 350 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System (ANDiS-350)


Catalog No.: ANDiS-350

ANDiS 350 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System enables fully automated, magnetic bead-based extraction of highly pure nucleic acids within 40 minutes. Extracted nucleic acids can be used for molecular testing with a variety of techniques, such as PCR, real-time PCR, NGS library preparation, and microarray.

Product Features

  • Easy to use
    -- 7‐inch color touch screen, built‐in computer with Android OS.
    -- Pre‐loaded reagents & fully automated sample processing, minimal hands-on time.
    -- USB supported for system upgrade and program imports.
  • Compact
    -- Approximately 15.8 in x 15.8 in x 17.8 in in size, easily fits in any biosafety cabinet and easily transported.
  • Fast and efficient
    -- >95% recovery rate of magnetic beads, ultra-high extraction efficiency.
    -- Turnaround time of 30~60 minutes (reagent dependent).
  • Robust and reliable
    -- Built-in UV lamp to prevent contamination.
    -- Coefficient of variation < 3%.
  • Adaptable
    -- Compatible with different magnetic bead‐based nucleic acid extraction reagents.
    -- Memory for storing up to 500 programs.
    -- Optimized protocols for each sample type.
Major applications

RNA extracted from three specimens, 8 PCR cycles. Results demonstrate high stability (CV < 1% within and between batches) of the assays.

NO cross-contamination detected during the extraction.

Recovery rate for viral RNA extraction is about 70%. Beads collection efficiency is > 95%.

Product Components

Reaction Volume30μl-1000μl
Sample Throughput16/32
Magnetic beads recovery rate>95%
Extraction variationCV<3%
Heating temperatureAdjustable from room temperature to 115°C/240°F
Reagent typeMagnetic bead-based open source reagents
Extraction time30-60 mins (reagent dependent)
Well plate96 deep well plate
Operation systemAndroid system with touch screen
MemoryUp to 500 programs
Program managementAdd, edit, and delete programs
UV lampYes
Device size15.8 in x 15.8 in x 17.8 in
Device weight35kg
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