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Viral Transport System w/ VTM – Throat Swab, 2mL VTM in 5ml 89mm tube (RK05826)


Catalog No.: RK05826

Specification: 2 mL

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This swab kit is designed for the collection, transportation, and short-term storage of viral specimens. The viral transport medium is cultivated to maintain the viability of virus specimens during the transportation to the laboratory. This kit includes the sterile collection tube with viral transport medium (VTM) and an individually packaged oropharyngeal swab. Throat swabs, collection tube, and transport medium are available separately upon request.

Throat Swab
Swab Tip 20mm
Length 150mm
Breakpoint Distance (From Swab Tip) 30mm
Maximum Volume 5mL
Viral Transport Medium 2mL
Product Components
Vial with Viral Transport Composition
Vial with Transport Medium Hanks’ Balanced Salts, Penicillin, Phenol Red, etc.
Nasal Swab Nylon fiber wool
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