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Saliva Sample Collection Kit (RK21656)


Catalog No.: RK21656

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This saliva collection kit is used to collect, store, and transport saliva DNA samples and saliva RNA samples. The transport medium inactivates the nucleic acids present in the collected saliva samples, thus enabling it to retain high-integrity even when stored at room temperature. Saliva DNA samples can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months and saliva RNA samples for up to 1 month. These samples can then be used in subsequent procedures such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR, and next-generation sequencing.

Product Components
  • Funnel
  • Vial with 2ml transport/preservation medium
    -Tris, Protease K, Guanidine hydrochloride, Dithiothreitol, Surfactant, Pure Water
  • Saliva collection tube
  • Screw cap for saliva collection tube
  • Barcodes x 4
  • Biohazard bag
Usage Instructions
Spit into the funnel until the saliva sample (no bubbles, sputum, or other impurities) reaches the 2 ml line marked on the vial.
Unscrew the transport medium storage vial and pour the medium into the saliva collection funnel.
Unscrew the funnel, and tightly screw the cap onto the saliva collecting vial.
Invert the collection vial 10 times.
Stick one of the barcodes onto the saliva collection kit, put two into the biohazard bag together with the collection tube, and keep one for reference.
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