DNA Damage/Repair

In eukaryotic cells, both normal metabolism and exogenous factors such as UV light and radiation can cause DNA damage, resulting in as many as 105 spontaneous molecula...


Apoptosis is a spontaneous apoptotic process in normal cells under physiological and pathological stress. It is a gene-controlled process of programmed cell death (PCD)...

Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy which is highly conserved in eukaryotes is a catabolic process tightly regulated by several proteins including ATG proteins, mTOR, beclin1, and FoxO proteins.

Hippo Pathway

Hippo signaling is an evolutionarily conserved pathway that controls organ size by regulating cell proliferation, apoptosis, and stem cell self-renewal.

NF-κB Pathway

Nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkB) is a nearly ubiquitous pathway responsible for mediating DNA transcription, and therefore cell function.

RNA Binding Protein(RBP)

RNA biology is orchestrated by the interplay of RNAs with RNA binding proteins (RBPs) within dynamic ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) . Both the RBP repertoire and RBP activit...

Notch Pathway

Notch signaling pathway is a highly conserved signaling pathway, which regulates the growth and development of organism via cell to cell interactions. It consists of tr...