Superior Antibody Development With the SMab Platform

ABclonal provides one-stop, comprehensive custom monoclonal antibody production services using our innovative SMab technology, the first antibody discovery platform using single primary B cell ex vivo expansion. Our technology employs cell sorting, enrichment, bioinformatics, and advanced cloning to avoid the stability issues associated with the traditional hybridoma approach. SMab provides valuable flexibility and high success rates in generating antibodies against difficult targets including post-translational modifications, small molecules, and can even differentiate between proteins with point mutations.

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The ABclonal Advantage

SMab: Advanced single B cell screening and cloning technology to enhance yield and specificity of monoclonal antibodies

10+ years of success with established and constantly improving technology

Streamlined process to reduce turnaround time and improve specificity and yields

US-based production and animal care facilities with no outsourcing

Ex vivo primary B cell expansion allows for more efficient screening of positive clones

IACUC approval for all animal-related processes

Linear expression module for accelerated vector construction

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production

While SMab can accommodate any species, ABclonal recommends the use of rabbit as host due to the advantages conferred by the rabbit immune system. This includes the ability to recognize a wider range of diverse antigens as well as the ability to produce antibodies with greater affinity and specificity.

The ABclonal Rabbit mAb Advantage

Higher affinity and superior specificity compared to mouse antibodies

Broad epitope recognition across large range of antigens, including small molecules and post-translational modifications

Utilizing our years of expertise in concert with unique artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted algorithm to balance affinity and immunogenicity in antigen design

Accommodates myriad experimental applications, including but not limited to:

  • Western blotting
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence with conventional or confocal microscopy
  • Immunoprecipitation and chromatin IP
  • Flow cytometry

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Ideal Antibody Reagent!

Build the optimal antibody to your desired target, leveraging our decade-long in-house expertise to manufacture the best possible reagent to produce consistent results in your experimental applications!

Service Highlights

World-Class Service

Under the supervision of talented experts, ABclonal works closely with you from initial consultation and antigen design all the way through to final antibody production and validation.

Flexible Optimization
At All Stages

Adjust your antibody project on the fly at any stage of the process, including testing serum and purified antibody with your own samples and protocols.

Antibody Adjustments
and Accommodations

In addition to optimization, ABclonal can provide both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to the desired antigen.

Own Your Antibody

ABclonal claims no intellectual property for or derived from the resulting antibody product, and will provide all information associated with your custom antibody project.

We also provide comprehensive services for antibody cloning, engineering, expression, and humanization in addition to our standard antibody production service.

Be The Next Success Story

First Rabbit mAbs Against CCL18

Most rabbit monoclonal antibodies available in the current market face challenges such as having low affinity and exhibiting clear cross-reactivity. However, our client entrusted us to develop a high-affinity, specific rabbit monoclonal antibodies against CCL18 – a protein that is highly homologous with other members in the CC family. By using methods such as antigen-binding ELISA assay and using non-homologous peptides as boosts, the following results were achieved.

  • 1200 single B cell clones
  • 119 positive clones (10%)
  • 26 selected clones
  • 24 pairs of mAb genes
  • 22 functional mAbs
  • 17 specific anti-CCL18 mAbs
  • 6 multi-assay mAbs

Sandwich ELISA



Efficient Screening Of Anti-Hapten Rabbit mAbs

Rabbits are better than mice in presenting nonpeptic haptens because of their expression of proteins in the CD1 family. For this project, results achieved include:

  • 1334 single B cell clones
  • 100 positive clones (7.4%)
  • 18 selected clones
  • 17 pairs of mAb genes
  • 16 functional mAbs

ELISA Results

ELISA Results

Quick Discovery Of PD-L1-Blocking Antibodies

PD1 is a popular target in life science research that involves in the ligand-receptor interaction. For this project, results achieved include:

  • 2304 single B cell clones
  • 386 positive clones (16.8%)
  • 19 strong PDL1-blocking clones (4.9%)

Available Modifications for Antibody Development


  • Serine, threonine, and tyrosine
  • Other amino acids


  • Pan-acetylation
  • Histone and non-histone acetylation


  • DNA and RNA
  • Histone methylation

Other Unique PTMs

  • Glycosylation
  • Succinylation
  • And more!

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Process


Antigen Preparation

  • Antigen Analysis & Design
  • Antigen Synthesis



  • Immunization of Rabbits
  • Splenectomy of Selected Rabbit



  • Sort Antigen-specific B Cells
  • B Cell Culturing
  • Primary Screening
    Using ELISA Or Other
    Assays If Desired



  • Antibody Gene Cloning
    And Secondary Screening
  • Construct Expression
  • Expression
  • Purification
  • Validation Assays


  • 100 µg of as many rabbit monoclonal antibodies clones as desired from project.
  • Full-length naturally-paired heavy and light chain antibody sequences.
  • Antibody genes cloned into expression vectors.