Protein expression is a common tool used by bioscience researchers for myriad applications, including structural biology, biochemical characterization, and bioactivity assays. To maximize flexibility and to accommodate most research needs, ABclonal offers bacterial and mammalian protein expression systems to facilitate your scientific discoveries. Our proprietary design and expression platforms will provide you with high-yield, high-purity, cost-effective proteins while freeing up your time and efforts for other experiments.

The ABclonal Advantage

With high success rates and a short turnaround time, ABclonal will express your desired protein with superior bioactivity from microgram to kilogram scales! Our protein service packages include:

Informed Design

Structure and sequence analysis leading to optimal vector design

Flexible Production

From pilot production to scale-up for final delivery

Comprehensive Quality Control

Full range of assays to confirm biochemical and biophysical properties as well as desired bioactivity


STructure-aided Engineering of recoMbinant Protein

ABclonal is pleased to launch the STEMP™ platform for the optimized design and large-scale production of your desired protein in a convenient, one-stop process to free up your budget and time for other research efforts. From the initial construct design all the way to final quality control and characterization, STEMP™ provides you maximum flexibility and high performance while minimizing costs.