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VE - 586 Mini Transfer Cell (VE-586)

Catalog No.: VE-586

The VE - 586 Mini Transfer Cell revolutionizes gel transfers by accommodating four 9 x 9 cm gels simultaneously. Two blue-ice packs can sufficiently absorb the heat generated during transfers.

Enhanced safety – Produced via polycarbonate injection molding: minimizes leak risks. Lid locked in place with safety mechanism.
Improved productivity – Reduce heat and improve electrophoresis by placing platinum wire in the middle. Transfers four gels simultaneously.
High compatibility – Accommodates 10 x 8 cm (width x height), 10 x 9 and 10 x 10 gels. Interchangeable with Tanon™ Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell.

Product nameVE - 586 Mini Transfer Cell
Catalog No.VE-586
Size1 Set
Experiment conditions
Normal Transfer BufferTanon™ FAST Transfer Buffer
Current (mA)15200-300400600
Time (min)Overnight60-1203525

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