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ABclonal provides a reliable and cost-efficient custom polyclonal antibody service in SPF rabbits, mice, rats, goats, chickens, and guinea pigs for gene-specific detection reagents. Our polyclonal antibodies can be used in multiple applications, including Western Blot, ELISA, and IHC. However, developing highly-specific and highly-sensitive polyclonal antibody production is challenging and requires expertise during every step. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art scientific advances and the best tools to provide the finest polyclonal antibody service available.


  • Protein antigen design and expression
  • Peptide design and synthesis
  • Customer supplied immunogen (protein or peptide)
  • Protein antigen preparation/Peptide-KLH conjugation
  • Immunization of 2 rabbits (or other animals)
  • ELISA titer test
  • Antigen affinity column purification

One-stop Service

If the antigen is provided by the customer: 5 mg of peptide or 5 mg of protein, purity >90% is required. The concentration should be >0.4 mg/mL, and the antigen solution must not contain organic solvents.

The Host Species

ABclonal offers a variety of protocols (such as immunization schedules for rabbits, mice, rats, goats, etc.) for preparing custom polyclonal antibodies.

Our scientists will help you select the most suitable antibody service according to the host and your protein characteristic and research application.

Additional Services

One additional immunization and two blood collections for 80-100 mL of antisera.
Affinity purification of 25 mL of sera. Includes the affinity column.
On any bleed or purified antibody according to the customer's request.
Assay of antisera or purified antibodies according to the customer's request.
Assay of purified antibodies against tissue sections according to the customer's request.
Full range of custom peptide services available.
Full range of custom protein services available.

Professional Antigen Design (Free)MORE

Proper design of a suitable antigen is the most critical step in getting a useful antibody.

High-quality antigen preparationMORE

According to the customers' demands and the target characteristics, our experts will choose the best way to get the best immunogen.

Protein antigen

We experiment with a number of conditions to improve the protein expression level, solubility, and purity, such as expression vector, host bacteria, and various purification methods. Through renaturation and refolding, the immunogen displayed correct epitopes, which improved the probability of antibody recognition of the protein in its natural conformation.

Peptide antigen

For the most difficult-to-express antigens or those with low specificity, we choose the best region after a professional analysis, and synthesize a peptide (later coupled to KLH) as antigen to immunize the animals.

Our quality control procedures are very strict, ensuring that each synthetic peptide maintains high quality and high purity.

SPF animals

Pure SPF (Specific-Pathogen-Free) class of experimental animals are used for immunization.

Variable immunization cycle

According to the needs of the customer and the titer test results of post-fourth immunization antiserum, the immunization cycle is adjusted appropriately.

Antigen affinity purification

Antibodies are purified by Protein A and antigen affinity chromatography.
When needed, ABclonal can provide cross-purification to obtain more specific antibodies.

  • Provides approximately 50-80 mL of antiserum per animal.
  • Purification method – produces antibodies with higher specificity.

Antibody validation

Guaranteed results:

  • Affinity purified custom polyclonal antibody.
  • 1 ng of protein antigen or 100 ng of peptide antigen is detected when the antibody is diluted 1/1000.

ABclonal's standard protocol for polyclonal antibody is optimized to produce antiserum in the shortest possible time. It is the most affordable option and a popular choice among researchers.

The protocol uses two New Zealand White rabbits that are Specific-Pathogen-Free. Injections are subcutaneous (SQ) as emulsions in Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA) or Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (IFA). We guarantee that the same antigen will be injected into both animals.

Procedure Protocol Day Description
Control Serum Collection Day 0 Pre-immune bleed (5 mL per rabbit)
Primary Injection Day 1 Immunize with 0.50 mg of antigen in CFA, 10 SQ sites
1st Booster Day 14 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
2nd Booster Day 28 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
Serum Collection Day 35 Bleed (-25 mL per rabbit)
3rd Booster Day 42 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
Serum Collection Day 56, 58 Two bleeds (total of -50 mL per rabbit)
ELISA Test Day 60 ELISA titration (results available online)
Verify disposition of rabbits
Decide to continue or terminate
Purification Optional 6-10 mg of purified antibodies
Note: After Day 35, the scheduled days in this protocol are approximations and are dependent on the titer test.

High-quality scientific research papers have been successfully published in well-known journals regarding ABclonal antibodies. We will continue to offer outstanding custom polyclonal antibody services as an effort to service the scientific research community at large. Our goal is always to provide our customers with "The Better Antibody."

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