ABclonal also offers a number of optional services to complement our antibody production service.

Antibody Expression

Expression Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Package Includes
  • Gene synthesis light chain and heavy chain
  • Express and purify recombinant antibody
  • Validate monoclonal antibody by ELISA
  • Expand and purify antibody
  • Purified antibody from 1L
  • ELISA and other test reports

Phase Description
Phase I 2-3 weeks

Set up

Gene systhesis light chain and heavy chain provided by customer and subclone them into expression vector Subclone into ABclonal proprietary expression vector

Phase II 2-3 weeks

Express & validate

  • Small scale express antibody in CHO
  • Validate recombinant antibody by ELISA
  • Send sample to customer to validate
Phase Ⅲ 2-3 weeks

Expand and purify antibodies in 1L

Protein G or Affinity Purification [The ylied is depeneded on the nature of the antibody]

Phase IV 2 weeks

Select high expression CHO cell line [Optional] CHO cells


Antibody Sequencing Service

  • An antibody sequence is critical for monoclonal antibody engineering, antibody humanization, optimization of functionality, database cataloguing, and antibody-related drug development. ABclonal provides customers with none but the highest-quality hybridoma sequencing services. Hybridoma sequencing mainly involves the sequencing of monoclonal antibodies’ variable regions.
  • Highlights:
Sequence Accuracy
Quality control
guaranteeing 100%
Competitive pricing
for excellent service

Fast Turn-around Time
On average,

Broad Experience
Experience sequencing human, mouse, rat, and rabbit mAbs
  • Starting from a hybridoma cell line, we offer the following services

Complete Package Details

  • Freshly harvested hybridoma cells
    5 × 106 cells or more Hybridoma cell lysate: entirely treated with TRIZOL Reagent

Total RNA

RNA concentration no less than 100ng/μl
RNA volume no less than 20 μl
RNA bands will be clear, with no significant

Service Timeline
  • Antibody isotyping identification
    3-5 business days (alternatively, provided by customer)

Variable domain sequencing

12-16 business days

Full-length antibody sequencing

21-28 business days

  • Detailed performance report

  • Sequence data

  • Alignments of heavy and light chains

  • Plasmid containing V-region sequence

Please send the samples as rapidly as possible using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Delivery time largely sped up if correct isotype & species information are provided by customers.

Other services

Peptide synthesis and conjugation/Peptide synthesis without conjugation/Peptide conjugation
Ascites Production Service
Five mouse-scales of ascites production
Antigen affinity purification,protein A/G/L purification
ELISA/Western blot/Dot blot/IHC/IF/IP/Co-IP/ChIP-seq
Biotin, FITC, 5-FAM, rhodamine, HRP,etc.
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  3. Please send your samples to ABclonal, 86 Cummings Park Dr, Woburn, MA 01801, United States.
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