Optional Antibody Services

ABclonal also offers a number of optional services to complement our antibody production services.

Antibody Expression

Expression Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Package Includes
  • Gene synthesis – light chain and heavy chain
  • Express and purify recombinant antibody
  • Validate monoclonal antibody using ELISA
  • Expand and purify antibody
  • Antibodies purified from 1 L of culture fluid
  • ELISA and other test reports

Phase Description
Phase I 2-3 weeks

Set up

Gene synthesis – light chain and heavy chain provided by the customer
Subclone into ABclonal proprietary expression vector

Phase II 2-3 weeks

Express & validate

  • Small-scale express antibody in CHO
  • Validate recombinant antibody using ELISA
  • Send sample to the customer to validate
Phase Ⅲ 2-3 weeks

Expand and purify antibodies in 1 L of culture fluid

Protein G or affinity purification (the yield is dependent on the nature of the antibody)

Phase IV 2 weeks

Select high-expression CHO cell line (optional) CHO cells

>100 mg/L

Antibody Sequencing Service

  • An antibody sequence is critical for monoclonal antibody engineering, antibody humanization, optimization of functionality, database cataloging, and antibody-related drug development. ABclonal provides customers with nothing but the highest-quality hybridoma sequencing services. Hybridoma sequencing mainly involves the sequencing of monoclonal antibodies’ variable regions.
  • Highlights:
Sequence Accuracy
Quality control
guaranteeing 100%
Competitive pricing
for excellent service

Fast Turnaround Time
On average,
15 business days

Broad Experience
Experienced in sequencing human, mouse, rat, and rabbit mAbs
  • Starting from a hybridoma cell line, we offer the following services

Complete Package Details

  • Freshly-harvested hybridoma cells
    5 × 106 cells or more hybridoma cell lysate: entirely treated with TRIzol Reagent

Total RNA

RNA concentration no less than 100 ng/μl
RNA volume no less than 20 μl
RNA bands will be clear, with no significant degradation

Service Timeline
  • Antibody isotyping identification
    3-5 business days (alternatively, provided by customer)

Variable domain sequencing

12-16 business days

Full-length antibody sequencing

21-28 business days

  • Detailed performance report

  • Sequence data

  • Alignments of heavy and light chains

  • Plasmid containing V-region sequence

Please send us the samples as soon as possible using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Delivery time will speed up significantly if customers provide the correct isotype and species information.

Other services

Peptide synthesis and conjugation / Peptide synthesis without conjugation / Peptide conjugation
Ascites Production Service
Five mouse-scales of ascites production
Antigen affinity purification, protein A / G / L purification
ELISA / Western Blot / Dot Blot / IHC / IF / IP / Co-IP / ChIP-seq
Biotin, FITC, 5-FAM, rhodamine, HRP, etc.