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Stranded mRNA-seq Lib Prep kit (RK20301)


Product nameStranded mRNA-seq Lib Prep kit
Catalog No.RK20301
  • Compatible with illumina sequencing platform.
  • Compatible with total RNA from animals, plants, fungi organisms.
  • Initial total RNA amount: 10 ng-1 μg, recommended RNA RIN value ≥ 7.
  • This Kit contains RNA truncated adapter. RNA index primer is used to add sequencing index to each sample in the PCR step. Compared to the full-length adapter, truncated adapter has better ligation efficiency, avoiding the formation of adapter dimers in the PCR step.
  • ABclonal Stranded mRNA-seq Lib Prep kit for illuminacontains mRNA Capture module, First Strand synthesis module, Second cDNA synthesis module, DNA Lib Prep module and ABclonal RNA adapter module.
  • In ABclonal Stranded mRNA-seq Lib Prep kit for illumina, dUTP is used to synthesize the second strand cDNA. Before PCR enrichment, UDG enzme is used to digest the second strand cDNA, thereby PCR templates from the first strand cDNA
  • Each kit component must pass rigorous quality control standards, and for each new lot the entire set of reagents is functionally validated together by construction and sequencing of an indexed transcriptome library on the Illumina sequencing platform.
Box Module Name Catalog No.
BOX1 Poly (A) mRNA purification module RK20341
BOX2 First Strand synthesis module RK20342
Second Strand synthesis module (stranded) RK20343
DNA Lib Prep module with UDG RK20344
BOX3 RNA Adapter module 24 index RK20345

Box1: 2-8℃Oligo d(T)25 Capture beads can NOT be stored at -20℃.

Box2: -20℃

Box3: -20℃

Agencourt AMPure XP beads

80% Ethanol (freshly prepared)

Magnetic Racks

Thermal Cycler

  • Please perform mRNA purification at room temperature, dilute RNA samples on ice, and proceed directly to the next experiment to avoid RNA degradation.
  • Please select the recommended RNA fragmentation conditions and size selection conditions for the adapter ligated DNA.
  • Please carefully add RNA index primer into PCR reaction to avoid cross contamination between DNA samples and reagents.

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