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ABclonal Whole RNA-seq Lib Prep kit (RK20303)


Catalog No.: RK20303
Sequencer: Illumina

Product Description

Suitable for Illumina sequencing platforms;
The rRNA depletion module (H/M/R) is mainly for human, mouse and rat total RNA, which can effectively remove cytoplasmic rRNA from total RNA (including cytoplasmic 5S rRNA, 5.8S rRNA, 18S rRNA and 28S rRNA) and mitochondrial rRNA (containing 12S rRNA and 16S rRNA).
This kit is not only suit for complete RNA samples with good integrity, but also for RNA samples that have been degraded, such as FFPE RNA. The total amount of input RNA is 10 ng to 1 ug.
Stranded mRNA Lib Prep method is recommended as a follow strategy, Whole RNA-seq data can be used to analyze all mRNAs except ribosomes as well as some long-chain non-coding RNAs, stranded Library can quantify gene expression and RNA species more accurately, and more fully understand gene structure.
The kit contains an RNA truncated adapter, uses RNA index primer for PCR to add a unique index to each sample. Truncated adapter has higher connection efficiency than full length adapter and can reduce the generation of Adapter dimer;
ABclonal Whole RNA-seq Lib Prep kit for illumine contains rRNA depletion module (H/M/R), First Strand synthesis module(stranded),Second cDNA synthesis module(stranded), DNA Lib Prep module with UDG and ABclonal RNA index primer. Reagents and enzymes for Whole RNA-seq Library preparation are all contained.
Each reagent in the kit has undergone rigorous quality control, and each lot of kits has been verified by Lib preparation and sequencing, ensuring stable quality performance of each lot of kits.
The following workflow illustrates the processes of the Rapid DNA Lib Prep Kit.
BoxModuleName and color24 Reactions (RK20303M)96 Reactions (RK20303L)
Box-1rRNA Depletion Module (H/M/R)(RK20348)Probe Hybridization Buffer48 μL192 μL
rRNA Probe Mix(H/M/R)24 μL96 μL
RNase H48 μL192 μL
10× RNase H Buffer48 μL192 μL
DNase I60 μL240 μL
10× DNase I Buffer120 μL480 μL
Box-2First StrandSynthesis Module (Stranded) (RK20342)2X Frag/Elute Buffer264 μL1056 μL
RT Strand Specificity Reagent192 μl768 μl
First Strand Synthesis Enzyme Mix48 μl192 μl
Second Strand Synthesis Module (Stranded) (RK20343)Second Strand Synthesis Reaction Buffer with dUTP192 μl768 μl
Second Strand Synthesis Enzyme Mix96 μl384 μl
Nuclease-free water2 ml8 ml
DNA Lib Prep Module with UDG (RK20344)End Prep Buffer240 μl960 μl
End Prep Enzyme Mix72 μl288 μl
Ligation Buffer396 μl1584 μl
Ligase Mix72 μl288 μl
2X PCR Mix600 μl2×1200 μl
UDG Enzyme12 μl48 μl
Low-EDTA TE2.5 ml10 ml
Box-3RNA Adapter Module 24 Indices (RK20345)RNA Truncated Adapter60 μl240 μl
RNA Universal Primer60 μl240 μl
RNA Index Primer2.5 μl*10 μl*
Box-1: -20°C
Box-2: -20°C
Box-3: -20°C

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