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Rapid Plus DNA Lib Prep Kit for Illumina (RK20208)

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The Rapid Plus DNA Lib Prep kit provides a streamlined and efficient method to construction DNA library for next generation sequencing (NGS) at Illumina® platforms. The entire protocol can be completed in 2 hours. Starting from fragmented input-DNA (1 - 1000 ng), the kit contains all the enzymes and buffers for end-preparation, adapter ligation and library amplification. To simplify the workflow, the fragmented DNA is end-repaired and adenylated during the initial step. The kit can be conveniently used for construction of PCR-free library from 100 ng of high-quality fragmented genomic DNA, or 10 ng of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA). PCR primers provided in the kit are optional for users who prefer self-selected high-fidelity DNA polymerases in the library amplification.
The kit also provides DNA repair enzymes, which could repair DNA damages such as nicks, gaps, oxidized bases, damaged/blocked 3’ ends, AP sites (apurinic/apyrimidinic sites), and uracil bases. In addition, the DNA repair enzymes significantly increase the NGS library yields from FFPE-derived DNA.
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All components should be stored at -20°C.
The shelf lives of all reagents are one year when stored properly.

Product Information

Product Components

Tube name8 RXN24 RXN96 RXN
End PreparationEnd Prep Buffer70 μl168 μl700 μl
End Prep Enzymes30 μl78 μl300 μl
Damaged DNA Repair Enzymes30 μl78 μl300 μl
Adaptor LigationLigation Buffer300 μl780 μl3 ml
Ligase Enzymes100 μl240 μl1000 μl
Amplification 2X PCR Master Mix250 μl650 μl2.5 mL
10X PCR Primers50 μl130 μl500 μl
Product Data

1.Library construction using FFPE DNA and Tissue DNA
Sample NO.TypeInput (ng)CyclesYield (ng)
1FFPE DNA40051203
2FFPE DNA5081506
3FFPE DNA40051392
4FFPE DNA5081162
5Tissue DNA40041518
6Tissue DNA5071500
2.SNPs detection of FFPE samples
Sample NO.kitsYield (ng))Total ReadsTotal Mapped ReadsDuplication RateOn Target RateInsert Size MeanMean CoverageTotal SNPsSNPs OverlapPrivate SNPs
Rapid Plus750116186621161822935.6286.2150.021016.581551550
Rapid Plus765144563681445597136.8885.86155.771275.831571570
Rapid Plus7705918920591857024.776.19144.33495.791541540



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