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Full DNA Adapter Kit for Illumina Set_C (48 indices) (RK20292)




ABclonal Full DNA Adapter Kit for Illumina Set_C (48 indices) are ideally suited for sample preparation for next-generation sequencing on the illumina platform. Set_C box contains 48 adapters from 96-index adapter_1 to adapter_48. The kit can be used to perform PCR-free DNA library preparation, in which adapters contain the complete sequence required for hybridization of the templates to the flowcell surface, and for annealing of sequencing primers.
Full DNA Adapter Kit for Illumina Set_C (48 indices) can be used in the ABclonal Rapid DNA Lib Prep Kit and ABclonal StepWise DNA Lib Prep Kit.
Product Features

  • Full-length Adapters;
  • Contains 48 ready to use adapters (Adapter_96-01 - Adapter_96-48), each adapter has a unique Index sequence, which can distinguish different samples;
  • Flexible combination with ABclonal library preparation kits.

Stored at -20°C. The shelf life of all reagents is one year when stored properly.

Product Information

Product Components

Components Size 1 (5 μl) Size 2 (12.5 μl) Size 3 (25 μl)
Adapter_96-49 - Adapter_96-96 5 μl 12.5 μl 25 μl


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