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First Strand Synthesis Module (RK20353)

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ABclonal First Strand Synthesis Module (RK20353) is designed for RNA fragmentation and first strand cDNA synthesis in RNA-seq library construction. The second strand cDNA can be directly synthesized without purifying the first strand cDNA product. The RT Reagent in this module does not contain Actinomycin D and can be used with ABclonal Second Strand Synthesis Module (RK20346) to make RNA libraries. In addition, Frag/Elute Buffer employs Mg2+ at high temperature conditions to fragment the RNA. Therefore, the RNA sample cannot contain metal ions such as Mg2+ or a metal ion chelating agent such as EDTA, which may affect the fragmentation size of RNA.

Store at -20°C.

Product Information

Product Components

Components24 RXN(RK20353M)96 RXN(RK20353L)500 RXN(RK20353XL)
2×Frag/Elute Buffer132μL528 μL1.25 mL ×2
RT Reagent192μL768 μL4 mL
First Strand Synthesis Enzyme Mix48μL192 μL1 mL



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