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PowerPol 2X PCR Mix (RK20718)


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PowerPol 2X PCR Mix is an optimized premix containing DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, KCI and other stabilizers. This product is suitable for conventional PCR amplification. The template can be purified DNA, bacterial colonies/bacteria liquid, crude extract or cDNA, etc. This product can use complex genomic DNA as a template to amplify a target fragment of 5 kb in length or a simple template such as lambda DNA to amplify a target fragment of 10 kb in length. It is suitable for applications such as PCR reaction, colony PCR identification, vector construction and so on. etc.
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Components Cat. No.
PowerPol 2X PCR MixRM20387
Product Information

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ApplicationsConventional PCR
Storage TemperatureUpon receipt, store all components at -20°C.
Unit Assay ConditionsRM20387, PowerPol 2X PCR Mix
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1. Amplification success rate

1-2: Human gDNA; ;3-4: Rat gDNA ; 5-6: Mouse gDNA;
7-8: Wheat gDNA; 9-10: Rice gDNA; 11-12: Human cDNA;
13-14: plant cDNA; 15-16: high GC DNA (62.7%-78.1%);
17-18: high AT DNA (59%-77%) 19-20: Arabidopsis gDNA;
21-22: Lambda DNA; 23-24: Corn gDNA

Use 24 pairs of representative primers for amplification to compare the amplification success rate of PowerPol and other competing products

Conclusion: PowerPol 2X PCR Mix can successfully amplify 23 pairs of the 24 primers, and the amplification success rate is significantly higher than other competing products

2. GC content compatibility

Use PowerPol and other competitors to amplify four target genes with different GC content (27%, 47%, 62%, 76%)

Conclusion: PowerPol 2X PCR Mix has a better amplification success rate and yield than competing products

3. Amplification Speed

Conclusion: For simple samples, the amplification speed can reach 5s/kb, and for complex samples the amplification speed can reach 15-30 s/kb.

4. Storage Stability

Conclusion: PowerPol 2 X PCR Mix can be repeated freeze-thaw 100 times, or stored at room temperature for one month, the performance will not affect the experimental results


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