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Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix (RK20717)


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Gloria Nova HS DNA polymerase is an ideal enzyme for high fidelity PCR with excellent processivity. It is a novel engineered enzyme with unique structure. Gloria Nova HS DNA polymerase contains a recombinant synthetic enhanced domain to increase fidelity and extension speed. The antibody-mediated hot-start feature significantly inhibits non-specific amplifications at room temperature. Gloria Nova is one of the thermostable DNA polymerases with strong 3 ’-5 ’ exonuclease activity (proofreading activity), which results in its extreme high fidelity.The Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix is an ideal product with good amplification efficiency for diversity templates including animals, plants, cDNA, etc.
Product Features

  • With fusion enzyme characteristics, has high fidelity performance and high amplification ability;
  • Blocks with antibody , has high specificity, and does not need to operate at low temperature;
  • Wide applicability, for both high GC templates and ordinary templates;
  • Ready-to-use premix, only needs to add primers and templates to perform amplification.


Product Information

Product Components

Components1 mL5 mL
Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix1 mL1 mL X 5
Product Data

1. GC-rich, AT-rich Template
  • For complex templates such as GC-rich or AT-rich (GC content was 23%-78%), the amplification success rate of Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix is comparable to international brands.
2. Long fragment Amplification
  • For long fragment amplification, the amplification success rate of Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix is comparable to or better than that of competitors.
3. Universality
  • Amplification results of 26 pairs of primers were analyzed, and Gloria Nova HS 2X Master Mix showed high amplification success rate for different types of templates, comparable to international brands.


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