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Entrans 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix (RK21208)


ABclonal:Entrans 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix
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Entrans 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix is a special reagent for qPCR reactions based on the primer-probe detection. When a probe is bound to the template DNA strand, the 5'-3 'exonuclease activity of Taq enzyme can be used to hydrolyze the probe, thereby releasing fluorescent signal. This product uses chemically modified hot-start Taq enzyme for amplification. Accurate quantification, high amplification efficiency, good repeatability and wide credibility. Entrans 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix is a 2X concentration master mix, which contains all the components required for qPCR except primers, probes and templates.
Product Components

Components Cat. No.
Entrans 2X qPCR Probe Master MixRM21207
50X ROX Dye IRM21465
50X ROX Dye IIRM21466
Product Information

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ApplicationsDNA Amplification, PCR and qPCR
Storage Temperature-20°C
Heat InactivationNo

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