When you need a human or mammalian protein that is properly folded and has accurate post-translational modifications, ABclonal’s mammalian protein expression service is an ideal option. A wide range of proteins from cytokines and growth factors to structural proteins can be produced with our optimized CHO or HEK293 systems.

Mammalian Protein Service Process
2-7 days

Phase I: Informed Design

  • Target analysis
  • Modular design and engineering
  • Design Report
4-5 weeks

Phase II: Pilot Expression

  • Gene construct synthesis
  • Pilot expression
  • Pilot report
3-4 weeks

Phase III: Production Scale-Up

  • Scale-up optimization
  • Optional reformulation
  • Production report
1-4 weeks

Phase IV: Quality Control & Delivery

  • Standard or customized quality control assays
  • Protein delivery in desired format and aliquots
  • Final report

Service Highlights

Flexibility in expression systems

Transient or stable expression available

One-stop service – from initial design to quality control and final delivery