Who are you thankful for in your lab? Submit a name and a story today for the chance for them to win either a Swag Pack or a Product Pack! We at ABclonal want to shine a light on your peers within the lab whose hard work can sometimes go unappreciated, whether that be your graduate student, PI, or lab manager. From now until November 30th, we will provide a platform for you to share the story about why you think this lab member deserves to win. Make sure to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned the Lab Member of the Year.

Daniela CarrizalesUniversity of Texas at Austin615

We are a small lab & Daniela often has a lot put on her shoulders. Yet, she doesn’t miss deadlines or forget to prepare for experiments. Her animal care is exceptional. I trust her fully to maintain experimental integrity for all projects. Daniela is kind, respectful, and focused. Daniela is a keystone for our team and deserves recognition!

Gillian ImrieTexas A&M University488

Gillian is a second year PhD student in the lab and is the most enthusiastic for science person that we have ever met. She is an excellent mentor to the undergraduates as well as to fellow grad students. Gillian is also very enthusiastic about ABclonal products (for instance, the Dr. Beaker plush toy lives on her desk).

Leon HsiehJohns Hopkins Medicine309

Leon is the most hardworking, patient, and friendly coworker. Whether mentoring new students or cleaning the lab, his work ethic and scientific curiosity are inspiring. When stranded in Taiwan for 3 months, he still attended lab meetings and advanced his projects. It’s an absolute pleasure to have his encouraging, calming, and fun-loving self back!

Hala BeroutiUC Irvine233

Hala has been a wonderful new addition to our lab this year. When she joined the lab, we were in desperate need of help on our stem cell / molecular biology projects. Hala has eagerly jumped in and is single-handedly keeping multiple lines of research going. She always welcomes new people to the lab. We are lucky to have her here.

Dr. Eduardo Adrian Garza-VillarrealUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico190

Dr. Eduardo has provided us with academic and financial support throughout our postgraduate journey. He is also an excellent person and an enthusiastic and committed researcher. He deserves all the support and recognition of an awesome PI.

Dr. Chin-Chi LiuLouisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine56

Dr. Chin-Chi Liu has provided support as a research associate and biostatistician since starting my lab. Her commitment and dedication to my research program has resulted in numerous authorships and NIH funding, which I couldn’t have accomplished without her!

Laura Martínez DrudisULaval35

Laura is a great colleague, she helps in every way she can. she tends to take care of things with no complaints! She is very organized, and is our to go to person in the lab. She is an asset to the group.

Pankaj GaurGeorgetown University Medical Center22

Pankaj is an asset to our lab. He is not only highly skilled but his presence in the lab makes each moment happy, lively, and special for all the lab members. He is always there to help everyone in the lab with their experiments, train the volunteers, and do his best.

Namrata RautUniversity of Cincinnati15

I am so thankful for my lab member, Namrata. The first day as a rotating student she welcomed me in with open arms. She is not only extremely intelligent but she also looks out for everyone in the lab. She is here 4am-5pm most days and still will ALWAYS lend a hand if anybody asks. She can do just about anything & deserves to be celebrated!

Nicole HermanceWPI12

Nicole is the glue that holds the lab together. She knows where everything is, and has optimized nearly every assay. She is a critical resource for new students and always has an insightful comment or question for older students. She provides a great example for time management and lab citizenship. We would be lost without her!

Katy Loubet-SenearHarvard University11

Katy is quite literally the perfect labmate! Besides being a brilliant and driven scientist, she is a model lab citizen. She always replaces reagents and supplies and is willing to move your samples from block to antibody, if needed. She also goes above and beyond, baking delicious treats and gracing us with her humor and beautiful doodles.

Tulasigeri TotigerUniversity of Miami10

Tulasi works hard but he also has a big heart always ready to help everyone even when it could be detrimental to his project I could never ask for a better coworker/scientist PS Not to mention his brilliant ideas.....

Jeevotham Senthil kumarOklahoma State University7

Jeev is a 4th year graduate student in our lab, he helps everyone in the lab and make the work environment better for newly joined members with his pleasing personality further his research ethics makes him as a good scholar.

Pamela Rojas de Santiago, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania4

Pamela is an exceptional postdoctoral fellow in my lab. She is an outstanding researcher (really!) but what sets her apart is her unwavering willingness to help and train others. She is a font of knowledge and all lab members go to her for suggestions, advice, and input. This trait is rarely rewarded and Pamela is deserving of this recognition.

Mayara Santos BertoliniUniversity of Georgia4

Starting in a new lab can be daunting! Thankfully, I had Mayara there to help me adjust! Not only is Mayara a skilled worker, she is also an amazing person! She immediately helped me feel included both as a lab member and a friend. As an international student, Mayara is far from her family and she deserves to feel the love and appreciation!

Birsner AmyBoston Childrens Hospital3

I am grateful to my colleague for her support in my experiments and keeping the lab environment welcoming and friendly. She is always available for discussion and her inputs are crucial for my experiment.

Amro NasserUniversity of Pittsburgh1

Amro is an MS student in our lab, and has been an invaluable asset to the lab in many ways. He is very hardworking and dedicated, and always a pleasure to talk to. In the course of his research, he has developed a novel assay that has been adapted to other projects we have ongoing.

Rob RobinoMedical University of South Carolina1

Rob is outstanding. He started as a college senior a year ago. It is beyond words what he does for the lab and has accomplished. He can pick up any technique and run careful experiments, orders and receives reagents and knows exactly where everything is, and is excellent at making illustrations. The whole lab seeks him. Nothing short of a hero!

Ryan WallaceUmass Chan Medical School1

Ryan is streamlining how our lab functions daily to make sure that all of our daily tasks are taken care of. He makes sure that we have the correct supplies for doing experiments, and manages our mice colony so that we have the mice that we need for our experiments. His great attitude when we see him in the lab gets us through the day

Julien WaldbaumUniversity of Florida0

Despite arriving at the laboratory without mastery of experimental techniques, he adapted in a humble way and quickly learned several of them, including animal handling, until he reached the point of being a stupendous and important piece in the laboratory.

Arghya RayDFCI0

Ready to help and guide lab members anytime not only for his group but also for other groups. Very supportive, inspiring person always motivates to do good science.

Morgan HolcombeHouston Methodist Research Institute0

As a new member to the lab Morgan was amazing at being welcoming and helping me learn new techniques. She continues to always lend a helping hand whether in helping with other lab member experiments or even surprising tired employees with surprise coffees or energy drinks! No one works harder than Morgan!!

Sushila PathakTexas Woman’s University0

Sushila is friendly and eager to assist everyone. She is dedicated and gives her all in everything she does. She genuinely cares about everyone and is extremely proactive. She teaches me that it’s okay to make mistakes and that I’ll get better with practice.

PS: Everyone in Spencer lab is amazing!

Dr. Aslam KhanMitchell Cancer Institute0

He is an incredible lab mentor to work. He is full with knowledge, engouement and most importantly fun to work. I worked with several lab member in different lab, but I never found a mentor/friend/ lab collogue like him.

Chiara SmithWorcester Polytechnic Institute0

Nicole is always really kind and helpful. She took one day to show me how to do transfections in cell culture, it was so cool! She also always asks how I am doing which I really appreciate.

Thomas PalaiaNYU Long Island School of Medicince0

Tom is an outstanding member of our laboratory team. He is extremely dedicated, pleasant and helpful to everyone. He has been working at this institution for over 35 years!

Daniel EscabillasUniversity of Michigan0

Daniel is my favorite person in lab. He helped me with a big problem I was having and never ever complains. He just stands tall and does his work and makes sure everything is running properly. Daniel is also big in outreach and DEI. He is a founding member on 5 DEI Initiatives and Projects. All this plus doing his impressive thesis work!

VikkoBrandeis University0

Vikko comes lab every morning with a smile and a loud "GOOOOOOD MORNING FERRET FOLKS!" and proceeds to be an unadulterated bastion for chaotic science. He is always checking in on people to see if they need help and is always the first to ask if people need anything. He is an asset and never complains!

Raiha KanwalACS Lab USA0

I can completely trust her work, its never sloppy or half done. I had to leave work for a few days because my little one was in the hospital and she had my back and keeps the lab running. Couldnt have done it without her. She is a real lab superstar.

Malcolm CampbellHarvard University0

Dr. Malcolm Campbell is my mentor during my internship at the Uchida Lab. He taught me a lot, about how to exploit state-of-the-art techniques to solve research problems, how to cooperate with people, and how to design a project and present it to others.

Mahesh PPUniversity of Tennessee0

Mahesh, a postdoc from our laboratory was very helpful to the group and PIs. He critically thought about budget saving and started making the ECL reagent (that works great) as home made item. This surely saved some lab budget.

Heather MendenChildrens Mercy Research Institute0

Heather always is there for anyone in the lab and is a great manager. We can come to her for anything and she will get it done. Shes a great cheerleader as well as a co-worker.

Sherry MabryChildrens Mercy Research Institute0

Sherry is the best when it comes to mouse projects. She makes sure the work gets done and is a master of mouse colonies. Shes able to do procedures on the smallest of mouse pups, and make it look easy!

Aparna VenkatramanChildrens Mercy Research Institute0

Aparna brought a new skill to the lab and is willing to teach anyone! She is a great asset to the lab!

Wei YuChildrens Mercy Research Institute0

Wei is one of the most hard-working people that I know. He has brought so much to the lab, that we are grateful for him! He is a great co-worker!

Sheng XiaChildrens Mercy Research Institute0

Sheng has been a continued asset to the lab and an all around great person! He is the master in IF and his pictures have been featured on the covers of the journals that we have published.

Shreya RavichandranGeorgia Institute of Technology0

Shreya is an undergraduate in our laboratory. She has been working with us for 2 years now. She is amazing- she learns so quickly, applies new techniques flawlessly, and has even begun mentoring less experienced undergraduates. Additionally, she always has a smile on her face- she is supportive of all her lab mates and is a genuine joy to have.

Max GottschlingUniversity of New Brunswick0

Max is visiting our lab on an exchange from Austria, and since his arrival in September, hes become an integral member of our lab. Hes extraordinarily capable, hard working, eager to learn, enormously helpful to everyone in the lab, and a delight to work with. I wish we could keep him.

Amelia HinesColorado State University0

Amelia is the person in the lab that we all turn to everyday. She is the one that keeps the lab running smoothly but she also contributes greatly scientifically. Without her we would be not be as productive and projects would not be done in such a timely manner. She is a leader, team player, all while she has a smile on her face.

Md Nazmul HossainWashington State Univeristy0

Nazmul is a first_year Ph.D. student in our lab. He dedicates so much to courses and research study. At same time, he also participates in a lot of TA work.

NamrataCincinnati childrens Hospital0

Shes so supportive helping virtually all of us with one thing or the other. We couldnt wish for a better lab mate/partner but to continually thank God for blessing us with her. This award will only be a token to appreciate her effort.

Himanshi SinghUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Center0

Himanshi has been a dedicated and hardworking graduate student visiting scholar. Although she do not receive any salary/paycheck for her work in the lab, she never let anyone feel that she is working for free. Working is her passion and she does it with utmost sincerity. She never gets tired and completes the task given to her at any cost.

Michelle Doucet (lab manager)Johns Hopkins University, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center0

Michelle is one of the most knowledgeable, kind proactive and smart team member Ive ever had the pleasure to work with. She helps and teaches students, post docs, PhD students and fellows keeping an exceptional lab environment which makes it a real pleasure to come to work every day.

Chiquita PriceMississippi state university0

Shes friendly and always willing to help. She gives logical and practical advice.

Namrata G. Raut, PhDCincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center0

Namrata has a high energy spirit and her personality lights up the lab. She is always willing to help others and is not ashamed to ask for help when she needs it. As lab manager I can say that Namrata has proven to be the most dedicated research member and I miss her smiling face when shes not around.


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