Who are you thankful for in your lab? Submit a name and story today for a chance for them to win either a Swag Pack or $100 Off*! We at ABclonal want to shine a light on your peers within the lab whose hard work can sometimes go unnoticed. Whether that be that be a lab tech, post doc, or lab manager from now until November 30th let them know you care by submitting your appreciations of them and why you think they deserve to win lab member of the year. Make sure to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned Lab Member of the Year!

Rebeca Mendez Monell Chemical Senses Center 22

Arash is a great labmate! He always offers his help in any way he can, either by helping with experiments, providing feedback on writing, or just making sure we have fun after a long day in the lab. He is a great scientist and team player and I cant think of anyone more suited to win this prize.

Daniel Chupp Invivyd 4

Daniel has been a great addition to the team and is an excellent source of information. He continues to demonstrate leadership and has a strong command of his work. Most importantly, he is patient when leading and guiding others.

Odette Verdejo-Torres, postdoctoral fellow Wesleyan University 4

Odette joined my lab in December last year. She has been working directly with four undergrads, two high school and two graduate students. She is always willing to help them, has a great attitude and is well aware of all the projects in the lab. She also contributes to DEI efforts organized by my lab and by Wesleyan. She is a raising start!

Mariane Beline Virginia Tech 2

She is always there to help me in my animal studies. I sleep, eat and breathe with pigs when running my animal trials and it takes toll on my health. She will bring me food and always checking on me if I am doing alright. She is my best friend and excellent lab mate.

Nabila Zaman Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 1

Shes our acting manager and great scientist. Shes always ready to help and keep our lab flourish by maintaining lab consumables. Thanks

Jocelyn Bodmer Virginia Tech 1

Girish Neelakanta University of Tennessee 1

Dr. Neelakanta deserves to be recognized as lab member doing several lab related orders and organization.

Morgan Amick University of South Florida 1

Morgan exemplifies the true spirit of dedication and teamwork in our lab. Her exceptional dedication shines as she seamlessly transitioned the role of lab manager and passionately mentors undergraduates while continuing to fulfill her research responsibilities. Her tireless efforts and selflessness have made her an inspiration to us all.

Hassan Hosseini University of MIchigan 0

Hassan excels in science, mentorship, and cooking, notably grilling shish kafta. His dedication, humor, and ability to quickly master new skills are admirable. He impressively designed and built a maze for a project, showcasing his carpentry skills and resourcefulness. He collaborates effectively, mentors undergrads, and is an exceptional nominee.


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