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ABScript II One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit (RK20407)


ABclonal:ABScript II One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit
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ABScript II One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit a ready-to-use kit allowing reverse transcription and subsequent probe-based qPCR in a single tube. It contains all components for RT-qPCR except primers, probes and RNA templates. The one-step format significantly improves sensitivity and effectively prevent contamination. The ABScript II Reverse Transcriptase in the kit provides reliable reverse transcription to a wide range of RNA template amount. After reverse transcription, the Hot-start version of Taq polymerase is activated at 95°C and the ABScript II Reverse Transcriptase is inactivated simultaneously. In the sequential PCR reaction, the 5 '-3 'exonuclease activity of Taq polymerase cleaves the hybridized probe, separating the reporter from the quencher and releasing fluorescent signal. The ABScript II One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit is an ideal product for high-speed analyses of low input RNA sample.
Product Components

Components Cat. No.
2X One Step RT-qPCR Probe BufferRM21462
One Step Probe HS TaqRM21463
ABScript II RT Enzyme MixRM21464
50X ROX Dye IRM21465
50X ROX Dye IIRM21466
RNase-free ddH2ORM20214
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ApplicationsPCR, RT-qPCR, RT-PCR and cDNA Synthesis, DNA Amplification, PCR & qPCR
Storage Temperature-20°C

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