Flow cytometry is a powerful experimental tool with applications in myriad bioscience fields including immunology and cancer biology. With huge advances over the past decades and greater accessibility to flow technology, ABclonal is proud to provide high-quality, convenient flow cytometry-validated antibodies to accommodate your unique research needs!

The ABclonal Advantage

  • The only direct fluorescent conjugated recombinant rabbit monoclonal flow cytometry primary antibody on the market:

    • Highly specific, high-affinity antibodies to wide range of common targets
    • Stringently validated for improved signal
  • Maximize flexibility:

    • Huge variety of products to allow for multiple parameters in flow cytometry experimentation
    • Fluorescent labeled secondary antibodies to accommodate broad range of channels
  • Primary Antibodies
  • Secondary Antibodies
Catalog No. Product name Applications Cross-Reactivity
Catalog No. Product name Applications Cross-Reactivity

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