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Once upon a time, in the sprawling forests in the middle of Massachusetts, an egg hatched, and a little owlet named Beaker opened her eyes for the first time to take in her new environment. As she learned to fly and hunt for tasty rodents in the forest, Beaker marveled at the beauty of the trees as the leaves bloomed and then changed color, the wonderful biodiversity that supported the many different types of food she could hunt, and even pondered the stars illuminating the night sky. It was this fascination with the natural world that led Beaker to pursue a career in science.

After graduating at the top of her class from Van Hooten High School, Beaker went on to Hoovard University, where she worked in several science labs before falling in love with cell and molecular biology, and the study of the biosciences. Beaker had a very compassionate mentor named Dr. Wisdom, who inspired her to not only go into graduate school to continue her research, but to also become a great educator and mentor. As luck would have it, Beaker enrolled in our program at the ABclonal Knowledge Base and earned her PhD in biochemistry while acquiring extensive experience in experimental biology techniques.

The newest member of ABclonal, Dr. Beaker is an expert in cell and molecular biology and provides support at the ABclonal Knowledge Base, working to provide you with a diverse selection of high-quality, customizable, and affordable reagents. You can meet Dr. Beaker at all the ABclonal events!