Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation, or CUT&Tag, is an alternative technique to traditional chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). CUT&Tag is a cost-effective, efficient method to map chromatin using smaller amounts of starting material, sometimes as little as a single cell. The CUT&Tag method is robust and capable of generating high-resolution epigenetic maps with shorter turnaround and less complicated optimization than ChIP.

Why Use CUT&Tag?

  • A Convenient Chromatin Analysis Technique:

    • Fewer complications, and less optimization than traditional ChIP
  • Quality Results at a Minimal Cost:

    • Robust, high-resolution data at a lower cost
  • Perfect For Difficult or Rare Samples:

    • Ideal for experiments with a limited amount of starting material
    • Can be used on intact cells and for single-cell analysis

Read our blog to learn more about the advantages of CUT&Tag and how you can implement it in your experimental workflow and see below for our growing portfolio of CUT&Tag validated antibody products.​

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