We provide customized services for producing application-specific polyclonal antibodies used in your research. Leverage our 10+ years of experience in polyclonal antibody production: from antigen design, immunogen preparation, antibody development, antibody purification, modification, validation, to immunoassay development.

Standard Polyclonal Antibody Production Process


  • * If the customer provides the antigen: 10 weeks;
  • * If ABclonal prepares the antigen: 14 weeks (protein antigen) 13 weeks (peptide antigen);


  • 2 ml of purified antibody per rabbit
  • 100 uL pre-immune serum
  • 1-2 mg antigen
  • QC validations of purified antigen
  • ELISA and blot reports

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  • *This promotional offer is only available to customers based in North America.
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