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Recombinant Human TNFSF13/APRIL/CD256 Protein (RP01120)



Product nameRecombinant Human TNFSF13/APRIL/CD256 Protein
Catalog No.RP01120
DescriptionRecombinant Human TNFSF13/APRIL/CD256 Protein is produced by Mammalian expression system. The target protein is expressed with sequence (Lys112-Leu250) of human APRIL (Accession #O75888) fused with a Flag, 6×His tag at the N-terminus.
Purity> 90% by SDS-PAGE.
Endotoxin< 1.0 EU/μg of the protein by LAL method.
FormulationLyophilized from a 0.22 μm filtered solution of PBS, pH7.4.Contact us for customized product form or formulation.
This protein is a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand family. This protein is a ligand for TNFRSF17/BCMA, a member of the TNF receptor family. This protein and its receptor are both found to be important for B cell development. In vitro experiments suggested that this protein may be able to induce apoptosis through its interaction with other TNF receptor family proteins such as TNFRSF6/FAS and TNFRSF14/HVEM. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. Some transcripts that skip the last exon of the upstream gene (TNFSF12) and continue into the second exon of this gene have been identified; such read-through transcripts are contained in GeneID 407977, TNFSF12-TNFSF13.
SynonymTumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 13; A proliferation-inducing ligand; APRIL; TNFand APOL-related leukocyte expressed ligand 2; TALL-2; TNF-related death ligand 1; TRDL-1; CD256; TNFSF13
Expressed HostHEK293 cells
TagLyophilized from a 0.22 μm filtered solution of PBS, pH7.4.Contact us for customized product form or formulation.
Gene ID8741
StorageStore the lyophilized protein at -20°C to -80 °C for long term.
After reconstitution, the protein solution is stable at -20 °C for 3 months, at 2-8 °C for up to 1 week.
ReconstitutionReconstitute to a concentration of 0.1-0.5 mg/mL in sterile distilled water.

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