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Phospho-EGFR-Y1086 pAb (AP0820)


ABclonal:Western blot - Phospho-EGFR-Y1086 pAb (AP0820)


Product namePhospho-EGFR-Y1086 pAb
Catalog No.AP0820
Host speciesRabbit
Purification methodAffinity purification
The protein encoded by this gene is a transmembrane glycoprotein that is a member of the protein kinase superfamily. This protein is a receptor for members of the epidermal growth factor family. EGFR is a cell surface protein that binds to epidermal growth factor. Binding of the protein to a ligand induces receptor dimerization and tyrosine autophosphorylation and leads to cell proliferation. Mutations in this gene are associated with lung cancer.
ImmunogenA phospho specific peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Y1086 of human EGFR
SequenceEmail for sequence
Gene ID1956
Swiss protP00533
SynonymsEGFR; ERBB; ERBB1; HER1; NISBD2; PIG61; mENA; epidermal growth factor receptor
Calculated MW44kDa/69kDa/77kDa/134kDa
Observed MW175kDa
Tested applicationsWBIHCICCIFIPChIPChIPseqRIPFCELISAMeDIPNucleotide Array
Recommended dilutionWB 1:500 - 1:2000
Storage bufferStore at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Application keyWestern blotting    
Positive samplesA-431
Cellular locationCell membrane, Endoplasmic reticulum membrane, Endosome, Endosome membrane, Golgi apparatus membrane, Nucleus membrane, Nucleus, Secreted, Single-pass type I membrane protein
ABclonal:Western blot - Phospho-EGFR-Y1086 pAb (AP0820) }

Western blot - Phospho-EGFR-Y1086 pAb (AP0820)

Western blot analysis of extracts of A-431 cells, using Phospho-EGFR-Y1086 antibody (AP0820) at 1:1000 dilution or EGFR antibody (A11351). A-431 cells were treated by EGF (100 ng/ml) at 37℃ for 30 minutes after serum-starvation overnight.
Secondary antibody: HRP Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) (AS014) at 1:10000 dilution.
Lysates/proteins: 25ug per lane.
Blocking buffer: 3% BSA.
Detection: ECL Basic Kit (RM00020).
Exposure time: 1s.

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