Protein expression can be a time-consuming headache when you would rather be performing other experiments or work to set up your next great discovery. ABclonal eases your pain by providing custom bacterial expression services that reduce cost while providing your desired protein with high yield and superior quality in a short turnaround time.

E.coil Protein Service Process
2-7 days

Phase I: Informed Design

  • Target analysis
  • Modular design and engineering
  • Design Report
4-5 weeks

Phase II: Pilot Expression

  • Gene construct synthesis
  • Pilot expression
  • Pilot report
2-4 weeks

Phase III: Production Scale-Up

  • Scale-up optimization
  • Optional reformulation
  • Production report
1-4 weeks

Phase IV: Quality Control & Delivery

  • Standard or customized quality control assays
  • Protein delivery in desired format and aliquots
  • Final report

Service Highlights

Wide range of choices for expression vectors, customized tags with cleavage sites, and other desired features

Large scale production – one to 4000 L per batch up to gram scale

One-stop service from initial design to quality control and final delivery