Bacterial Expression service

The advantages of E. coli expression systems include low cost, high expression, ease of scale-up, and short turnaround time. Our more than 10 host strains collection and various expression vectors guarantee the selection of the most efficient expression system. We offer multiple fusion/affinity tags to increase the protein solubility, expression levels, and ease of purification. Our proprietary AIE technology allows high yields of toxic proteins. For insoluble proteins, we have developed an effective protein refolding system consisting of 20 refolding buffers optimized with 9 parameters. If customers require large amounts of protein, we can also produce and purify from cultures as large as 35-500 liters. The E. coli system offers the metabolic labeling with stable isotopes.

E.coli Expression Flowchart


High success rate
ABclonal's success rate of the soluble protein expression provided by using E. coli can be up to 95%.
Optional expression vectors
ABclonal provides a various of screened and reformed E. coli expression vectors to meet the specific requirements of intracellular and periplasmic space secretory expression including the pET series, the pBAD series, the pGEX series and the pCold series.
Optional protein tags
ABclonal uses solubilized tags such as SUMO, Trx, GST and NusA to improve the hydrophilicity of protein in inclusion body expression.
Optional expression hosts
ABclonal can reform and use more than 10 E. coli expression hosts, including the standard expression strain, the protein expression enhanced strain, the toxic protein expression strain, the ultra-low temperature strain for enhancing soluble proteins expression and the other expression strains, to meet the customers’ different requirements.
Large-scale production
1-4000L per batch.
The whole project Service
From gene to protein: Design and optimize gene; optimize protein expression conditions; protein purification and post processing; management of data and report.

Package Details

Service Name Service Content Timeline
Plasmid Construction
  • Gene synthesis with codon optimization& subclone


3-5 Weeks
Protein Expression Test
  • Plasmid transformation
  • Exploration of expression condition, expression analysis and identification (SDS-PAGE and /or WB)
  • 200ml amplification in optimum condition and purification test


3 Weeks
Large-scale fermentation & purification
  • Scale up protein expression using optimized conditions
  • Protein affinity purification (desired protein amounts and purity)
  • Inclusion bodies denaturation & renaturation (if required)
  • Tag-free protein (if required), endotoxin removing (if required)
  • QC the purified protein
1-10L 2 Weeks
10-20L 3 Weeks
20-50L 3-4 Weeks
Above 50L 6-14 Weeks


QC: The purified protein is identified by SDS-PAGE/WB and MS (if required).

All service timelines are approximate. In most cases, we finish the custom project within the appointed time. However, optional steps might prolong the delivery schedule.

Custom protein service is charged step by step and save your valuable research costs.

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  • Please send your samples to NeoScientific, 86 Cummings Park, Woburn, Massachusetts.
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