When you are searching for custom antibody services, it usually means you have browsed hundreds of catalog antibody pages, but couldn’t find the one that specifically recognizes the target you are studying. Or worse, the antibody you find is not specific enough.

Leveraging our expertise in antibody production, we provide you customized services for application-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies used in your research. A full service is available for all types of antibody production, including steps of antigen design, immunogen preparation, antibody development, antibody purification, modification, validation, and immunoassay development.

To guarantee sensitivity and specificity, your journey begins with a free consultation with our experienced scientists as we work together towards your desired, application-specific antibody.

Outsource your antibody production to us so you can save time and focus on the other important parts of your research!

Maximum Versatility to Accommodate Your Specific Project Workflow

SMabTM PlatformAntibody Development

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

Enhanced yield and specificity with SMabTM advanced single B cell screening!

Camelid Nanobody Development

A unique and useful research tool for many applications where reagent size is a limiting factor

Anti-Drug Antibody Analysis

High quality anti-idiotype antibody development for therapeutic evaluation

Basic Research

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Optimized hybridoma technology

Polyclonal Antibody

Cost-effective and fast turnaround for most applications!

Antibody Engineering

Antibody Expression and Sequencing

Mass produce your desired antibody with ease!

Antibody Humanization

Accelerate your therapeutic development with artificial intelligence-assisted analysis

Service Highlights

Free Antigen Designleverage our years of experience and our unique artificial intelligence algorithm to balance affinity and immunogenicity

Wider Host Optionschoose to generate your antibody in common hosts like rabbit and mouse or other species like alpaca

Antigen Versatilitywe can immunize with proteins either provided by you or expressed in our lab

Experience a guaranteed, customized, One Stop Service.