Chimeric antibodies are usually too immunogenic to be used as potential therapies in humans. Humanization is the process to reduce immunogenicity and improve human immune activation against the antibody in a necessary preclinical step. Using comprehensive design software and advanced technologies including canonical scaffold simulation and 3D modeling, ABclonal assures the humanized antibody retains functional activity comparable to the parental antibody.

Antibody Humanization Service Process

Phase I

  • Sequence analysis, chimeric antibody construction and humanized antibody design

Phase II

  • Gene synthesis, molecular cloning, and evaluation of humanized variants

Phase III

  • Design of back mutations

Phase IV

  • Evaluation of introduced back mutations

Phase V

  • Final humanized antibody expression, purification, and characterization

Complete Package Details

Standard package includes:

  • Antibody sequencing, chimeric antibody generation and characterization
  • Stability assessment of chimeric antibody
  • Humanization design and sequence analysis
  • Lead human antibody optimization
  • Final KD validation using BiacoreTM

Additional service:

  • SDR (specificity determining residue) for super-humanized antibody
  • Cysteine engineering


  • Written report at every stage
  • At least one humanized antibody with less than 3-fold loss of antigen binding affinity