You may have an existing hybridoma that produces your valuable monoclonal antibody reagent or wish to ensure continued production of the customized antibody you generated with ABclonal. To help you maintain your critical research antibody, we offer antibody expression and sequencing services, either in coordination with our standard service or using your provided hybridoma, so you can have a steady supply of your reagent for future projects.

Antibody Expression Package

Light and heavy chain gene synthesis

ELISA validation of monoclonal antibody

Expansion and purification of antibody


Set Up

  • Gene synthesis – light chain and heavy chain provided by the customer
  • Subclone into ABclonal proprietary expression vector


Express & validate

  • Small-scale express antibody in CHO
  • Validate recombinant antibody using ELISA
  • Send sample to the customer to validate


Expand and Purify

  • Expand and purify antibodies in 1 L of culture fluid
  • Protein A/G or affinity purification (the yield is dependent on the nature of the antibody)


Select High-expression

  • Select high-expression CHO cell line (optional) CHO cells
  • >100 mg/L

Antibody Sequencing Service

Knowing the antibody sequence is essential for monoclonal antibody engineering, antibody humanization, functional optimization, and more. ABclonal provides customers with high quality hybridoma sequencing services in addition to other deep sequencing services to yield the exact variable region sequences for downstream applications for your antibody.


Sequence accuracy

Fast and economical service

Broad experience with multiple species, including human, mouse, and rat

Starting from a hybridoma cell line, we offer the following services

Complete Package Details


  • Customer should provide at least two (2) vials of 1 x 106 (or more) hybridoma cells

Total RNA

  • RNA concentration no less than 100 ng/μl
  • RNA volume no less than 20 μl
  • RNA bands will be clear, with no significant degradation

Service Timeline

  • Antibody isotyping identification
  • 3-5 business days (alternatively, provided by customer)

Variable domain sequencing

  • 12-16 business days

Full-length antibody sequencing

  • 21-28 business days


  • Detailed performance report
  • Sequence data
  • Alignments of heavy and light chains
  • Plasmids containing VH/VL sequences

Please send us the samples as soon as possible using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Delivery time will speed up significantly if customers provide the correct isotype and species information.