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ABclonal offers over 213 regular and customized Sandwich ELISA Kits which have high linearity dilute, sensitivity, recovery, and precision. With the high quality of our kits, your antigen can be directly used to your experiments without purification. Until August 31st, we offer you the third ELISA Kit for free. Limited-time offer, please be sure to add your ELISA Kits to the cart!

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Search our ready-to-go ABS-ELISA Kits by species that can be applied in areas of cancer, stem cells, epigenetics, neuroscience, immunology, cardiovascular, metabolism, cell, biology, and developmental biology.

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Only the ELISA Kit's catalog number begins with "RK0" can be applied to this offer. We will automatically drop the lowest rate of your selected three products. This offer will last until August 31st, 2017.

ABclonal ELISA Features

We only offer the premium ELISA Kits, which are targeted with streptavidin-HRP for better performance.
High Linearity Dilute
  • High Linearity Dilute is between 80-120%.
  • Linear concentration range is greater than 103.
  • R2 is over 0.99.
High Precision
  • The specific experimental conducted at the concentration of 50ng/mL shows no cross reaction with the phase proximate cytokines and other protein.
High Sensitivity
  • The sensitivity can be tested at pg/mL level, equivalent of the minimum detectable concentration of an Elisa Kit.
Excellent Stability
  • The error is in the allowable range regardless of different environments, temperatures, detection time periods as long as it is within the expiration date.
High Recovery
  • The recovery rate is over 80% - 120%.
Experimental Repetition
  • The coefficient of variation is less than 10%.

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