ABclonal is the leader in biomolecular solutions for immune science.

ABclonal is a dynamic and growing provider of high quality biology research reagents, tools, and custom services. From our headquarters in the heart of the Boston Biotech Cluster we support the needs of academic and industry clients for custom-made proteins, antibodies and peptides. In addition, we maintain a large catalog of unique and highly sensitive ELISA kits, and ready-made proteins, peptides, antibodies, custom ChIP-seq, and cell culture products.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality research reagents and services for reasonable costs allowing our customers to focus their precious time and resources on advancing their own research. We provide our customers with the critical reagents they need more rapidly and in a more cost-effective manner than can be done in their own labs.

To provide the most effective support we are constantly seeking out new technologies that speed up project delivery, drive down cost, and improve quality. Such improvements include the recent introduction of our MassAb™ platform that produces a panel of monoclonal antibodies against a single target protein at greatly reduced per antibody costs. In addition, we also produce no-risk custom polyclonal antibodies that customers can receive at no cost for evaluation in their own systems.

We currently have a catalog of more than 9,000 antibodies. Our vivarium is capable of hosting 40,000 rabbits over the course of the year. This allows us to provide multiple types of partnerships for our customers.

ABclonal has an animal research base that can hold more than 4000 standard cultivation cages and, with our professional R&D team, ABclonal has self-produced more than 9,000 golden rabbit polyclonal antibodies, including those useful in hot areas such as epigenetics, apoptosis, RNA binding proteins, signaling pathways, and neoplastic diseases.

We can collaborate on your target of interest at no charge.

Since its establishment, ABclonal has taken on more than 4,000 antibody projects every year. This has allowed us to focus on two fields in particular: histone-modified antibodies and epigenetic antibodies.
One of our current projects is to establish the world’s largest ChIP-seq antibody banks. At the same time, ABclonal antibodies are successfully being applied as signaling molecules in the latest areas of research, including the DNA damage response, autophagy, hippo, NF-kB, and notch signaling pathways. ABclonal has built advanced testing platforms for Western blot, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence-based assays, supplemented by immunoprecipitation, RIP, ChIP ,ChIP-seq, and shRNA knock-out validation. We take every measure to provide the most accurate and reliable data for each of our customers.

ABclonal is ranked Top 5 antibody manufacturers.

ABclonal not only provides antibodies for leading antibody vendors in the market, but also partnership with prestigious pharmaceuticals, research academies, and other industries, etc. In additiona to manufacture, we dedicate to be the best validation platform in the world.

Why ABclonal?

Professional R&D service in Boston.
More than 8,000 FREE trial antibodies, with validated data.
Professional and meticulous platform.
Our proteins, antibodies and ELISA kits cover most pathways in your research.
Innovation based services help your research in molecular biology, peptide, protein, antibody, and cellular biology.
Professional R&D team in Boston, serve your research closely.


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