The yeast expression system is the most economical eukaryotic expression system for the both secreted and intracellular proteins. It is ideally suited for the large-scale production of the recombinant eukaryotic proteins. Our yeast expression system provides the advantages of the both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems -- high expression, low cost, ease of scale-up, and proper protein folding. ABclonal has multiple strains and expression vectors to help identify the highest yielding conditions. We also utilize robust secretion signal sequences to ensure the highest secretion of the recombinant protein. Our customers can also choose from constitutive or inducible expression systems.

Yeast Expression Flowchart


Optional vectors
ABclonal provides the auxotrophic expression vector for the secretory and intracellular protein. Meanwhile, the bacteria strain vector for the high efficient screening expression can be transformed to the wild type pichia pastoris.
High success rate
The success rate is up to 90%.
Optional vectors
Auxotrophic expression vector for the secretory and intracellular protein provided by ABclonal, and the bacteria strain vector for high efficient screening expression can be transformed to wild type pichia pastoris.
Rich expression experience
ABclonal select the best possible expression vector, explore and optimize the conditions based on customs' requirements.
Large-scale production
1-4000L per batch.
The Whole Project Service
From gene to protein: Design and optimize the gene, virus production, express and optimize the protein, process the protein post-purification, deal with the data and write the experimental report for the customer.

Package Details

Service Name Service Content Timeline
Plasmid Construction
  • Gene synthesis with the codon optimization & subclone
  • Construct linearization


3-5 Weeks
Protein Expression Test
  • Transformation of the linear plasmid into suitable host
  • Antibiotic screening, select 5-10 positive clones
  • Expression analysis and identification
  • 100ml amplification and purification test
  • Tag-free test (if required)


4-7 Weeks
Large-scale fermentation & purification
  • Protein affinity purification (or another purification method)
  • QC the purified protein
1-10L 3-4 Weeks
10-20L 4-5 Weeks
20-50L 5-6 Weeks
Above 50L 7-14 Weeks


QC: SDS-PAGE/WB identification of the purified protein, MS identification (if required).

All service timelines are approximate. In most cases, we finish the custom project within the appointed time. However, optional steps might prolong the delivery schedule

Custom protein service will charge you step by step to save your valuable research costs.

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