Who are you thankful for in your lab? Submit a name and a story today for the chance to win either a Swag Pack or a Product Pack! We at ABclonal want to shine a light on your peers within the lab whose hard work can sometimes go unappreciated, whether that be your graduate student, PI, or lab manager. From now until November 30th, we will provide a platform for you to share the story about why you are think this lab member deserves to win. Make sure to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned the Lab Member of the Year.

Dr. Francesc "Xavi" RuizRutgers University123

When research is unpredictable, you're thankful for stable people in your lab. That's Xavi. When the chips are down and the roof is caving, he'll help you realize everything is salvageable and nothing is worth your sanity. Though sometimes it's fun to complain, you can't take life too seriously. He and his advice are always insightful and caring.

Joana RochaTexas A&M University85

This semester, I was divided between starting a big mice experiment that would run continuously for 8-9 months or waiting until December to visit my family in India after three years. But my labmate stepped up (even though she has no mice experience) and we were able to stack up experiments and go it all done in four months. She is a superstar!

Gina DaileyUC Berkeley71

Gina is a research specialist in our lab, best known as our Cloning Goddess. There is no construct, easy or impossible to build, that she would not get cloned. She is patient and caring with people, careful and accurate with DNA. She is our top mentor for undergrads. If everyone could have a "Gina" in their labs...

Ama HaganWesleyan University24

Ama is one of the undergrads that works with me in the lab. Shes such a wonderful personality, dedicated and talented. I nominated her for all the work she has done for me in the lab. I never realized how much I will miss her when shes done with her program. We started my Ph.D. project together. Her efforts need to be rewarded

Victor Pastrana-GomezCincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center20

Victor is a research assistant in our lab and he is truly a gem! He handles many administrative and logistical tasks in the lab whilst working on multiple research projects. Victor is always willing to set aside time to help and guide students in the lab, no matter how much he has on his plate. We are thankful to have Victor in the lab!

Julio ValenciaNational Cancer Institute15

Julio is the Staff Scientist in my lab. Not only has he conducted novel research on cancer in the context of autoimmunity, he provides support for the trainees in the lab, he manages our animal colony and actively promotes collaborations with other labs. This has been very important during the pandemic as I have not returned to the workplace.

Conor McClenaghanWashington University in Saint Louis15

Conor is the brightest spark in our lab. He invigorates everyone around with his brilliant ideas. He is very kind and generous. He is also the most responsible human being I have come across. It is a great thing to be productive. But, he is capable of increasing the productivity of everyone around him. He is a model professional.

Vinoth SigamaniThe University of Tennessee Health Science Center6

Mr. Sigamani is a PhD student/graduate research assistant in our lab. I believe he deserves this recognition because he is the one that works the most in our lab preparing stock solutions, aiding with our experiments, and working in his own experiments. He also comes on weekends to take care of cell culture work. He is a key member of our lab.

Mrs. Sheeja RajasinghThe University of Tennessee Health Science Center4

Sheeja is our lab manager, as a manager she does an excellent job making sure we have all the products we need for our experiments always available in the lab. Additionally, she is in charge of many of the cells we use for our experiments. She is a second mentor to the postdocs and students in our lab and a very good person to work with.

Narasimman GurusamyThe University of Tennessee Health Science Center4

Dr. Gurusamy is a senior postdoctoral fellow in our lab. He is always available for advise, to show new techniques to students and other lab members and to help others with their research, all while conducting his own research. He is very hardworking and helpful to others, he definitely deserves this award.

Edgar Perez CarbazalNYU Langone Medical Center3

He is a Senior scientist in our lab, and he has been very helpful with all the experiments I do in the lab. He stays late night to help me out with Flow cytometry and gives his inputs with his knowledge and experience in the field.

Paula OverbyArizona State University1

Paula is the best coworker, excelling at ensuring our projects are behaviorally sound and reproducible. Shes knows all the relevant papers, provides excellent insight how to approach novel problems, and is *the* go to person for help designing experiments. She codes all our programs, provides the best animal care and wed be lost without her!

Jessica Avila LopezUniversity of Sherbrooke1

Jessica is a masters student who is working with a mice model and also doing behavioural test as well as biochemistry in the lab. She starts work at 5h00am and will work all day until 8h00pm. Shes a hard worker who hasnt seen her family in 2 years. The best I can do is nominate her and cheer her up with this gift!

Katie SagarinWesleyan University1

Katie has been the most supportive fellow Ph.D. candidate to me. She has been so helpful on so many fronts. I am an international student, and this comes with adjusting to the new culture. Katie makes that easy by always looking out for me. She's a beautiful soul. We should have many Katie's in this world

Graduate StudentYale University1

XJ Xu is a graduate student in our lab. He deserves this Lab member of the year recognition. He helps postdocs, PhD students in the lab to run cell culture experiments and western blots. Every item in the lab is properly organized and labeled. As a team, we all love XJ for his professionalism at work. It is unusual for a young Ph.D. to lead.

Verima PereiraLouisiana State University1

She’s exceptionally hard working and talented.
She is good at the western blots and always available when needed.She has a good team spirit.

Gregory BacolaNorth Carolina State University1

Greg is a graduate student in our lab since the beginning of it. He was hired only 3 months after my PI opened her lab and he helped her through everything to make it the lab it is today, one of the best gastro lab of vet school. Greg is also very welcoming. I came working in his lab from France and he took a lot of his time to help me.

Jessica BowserUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1

Jessica is a fantastic PI and an amazing mentor. She always helps me and supports me. One time, my cells were not ready to transfect at noon when I planned to. Waiting a full 24 hours would be too long, so Jessica offered to transfect them at midnight for me. Then she did the 24 hr treatment at midnight the following day as well!

Victor Pastrana-GomezCincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center1

Victor is our lab manager, he is very helpful to all our lab members and always deal with any problems in a very efficient way. We thank him a lot for all his effort to make our lab a lovely place!

Niccole AuldBaylor College of Medicine0

I give my strongest recommendation for Niccole Auld, who is my first Graduate student, a promising young scientist. And more importantly, she convinced me to order one customized antibody from Abclonal!!

Girish NeelakanaUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville0

Our Colleague and collaborator Dr. Girish Neelakanta was extremely helpful during this pandemics and movement of our laboratories from Virginia to Tennessee. He was very organized and scheduled the movement event. I am very thankful for him, his efforts and precious time.

Gonzalo MoralesUniversity of New Mexico0

Gonzalo is an undergraduate student in our lab and he works alongside me. He is a very passionate researcher who always comes up with questions and makes me think about the project and how can we solve the different questions. He is always there to help me with dissections. He also helps me with the microscopic stuff. He deserves the recognition.

Susmita BarmanUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center0

Dr. Susmita Barman is a postdoctoral fellow in our lab. She is very hard worker and very studious. She is always available for advise, to show new techniques to other lab members and to help others with their research, all while conducting his own research. She is very hardworking and helpful to others, she definitely deserves this award.

Verima PereiraLouisiana State University New Orleans0

Verima is an extremely helpful girl. She is an expert in western blot and always available when help is required. She has an amazing team spirit and excellent in technical skills.

Khang PhamUniversity of California, Irvine0

As soon as I joined the lab as a volunteer, Khang made it his priority to make me feel welcomed. He reached out and helped out during the onboarding process, explained how the lab works, and invited me to lunch with the other lab mates. This isnt special to me. Khang is aware of others situations and makes the effort to help in any way.

Karissa KenneyUniversity of California, Irvine0

Karissa always is a joy to be around in lab, wiith a very friendly attitude. She goes above and beyond what normal co-workers do and goes out of her way to make my experiments easier, asking if she could help or by freezing my samples without asking me.

Kiara ThomasCleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute0

Kiara has been instrumental in running the lab super efficiently since she joined!!!

Anna BehrendCalifornia State University Long Beach0

Anna is a reliable and meticulous worker in the lab. Besides demonstrating an impressive ability to effectively accomplish the tasks to keep the laboratory operative, she is a great team player who is always ready to help other members in the lab as well as works smoothly with and leads her peers in team-based environments.

Teresa GomezIndiana University0

Teresa is a PhD student, and she always helps everyone, she always looks for a way to make others happy, she is one of the brightest and best women I have ever met, but her help and support in the lab often goes unnoticed. She is the best

Han HanStony Brook University0

Congrats for going through all the hardship

Dr. Meredith CraneBrown University0

Meredith is always chipper and ready to lend a hand in any experiment. Shes taken many new students under her wing and shown them the ropes of the lab. She deserves lab member of the year.

Yan ChenUniversity of michigan0

Yan came to our lab working under me since 2019. he manage our more than 20 mouse colonies and thousands mouse, but he works so efficiency to provide all the mouse genotype on time to everyone in the lab but without getting much credits. I really appreciate his work. everyone in the lab will be thankful for his dedicate work.

Kristian LaursenWeill Cornell0

Kristian is a genius in engineering constructs for gene editing and similar techniques. Typical working weekend... I get to the lab, after one hour Kristian will show up and we would chat about everything and nothing for 15 minutes before diving our work...Kristian youre the best, you rock!

Matt KirkhamIdaho State University0

Matt is a 4th year grad student. In 2020, our lone administrative assistant left and then the pandemic hit higher ed forcing shutdowns and causing hiring freezes. Matt continued as the only graduate student allowed to conduct essential experiments and in addition he took on the administrative duties of ordering and budgeting. He has been our rock!

Feng JiangUniversity of Rochester0

I strongly recommend Feng Jiang who deserves a thank you from everyone else in the lab. Despite all the difficulties Feng has encountered during the pandemic when he was forced to stay in China, Feng managed to set up the bioinformatics analysis pipeline in the lab remotely, benefiting everyones project in the lab and save the PI money.

Olivia OttoneThomas Jefferson University0

Olivia's just the best.

Joana RochaTexas A&M0

Cool lady

Craig T VollertBaylor College of Medicine0

Craig is an awesome lab manager. He fixed critical issues in our lab within one month of his joining, most importantly the cell culture hood; not working from 8 months. I was struggling to order one media for my manuscript revision (time sensitive) and he took that task and got the media in just two days. I am highly grateful & thankful to him

LinUT Health0

She is always there for me. She will never say no to anything, anytime. She is one of the best labmate one can get.

Vinny Chandran SujaStanford University0

Vinny is an exceptional lab member, with a strong engagement for research and for mentoring. Through hard work and passion for experiments, he has contributed to advancements in interfacial phenomena and complex materials, with important industrial implications including the development of contact lenses and anti-foaming agents in lubricants.


Pillar for our lab

Zhiming WangHouston Methodist Research Institute0

Zhiming is a responsible and hardworking trainee, mentor and employee. He has excellent work ethics and work hard to get objectives done in time every time. He is also very productive, publishing 2 first-authored papers within 4 years of his fellowship along with multiple coauthored papers. Personally, he is very easy going and friendly.


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