As August transitions into September the back-to-school season is upon us. From August 15th to September 30th, we are offering you the chance to win big with our Back-to-School BINGO promotion. Unlike regular BINGO, you will win a prize no matter how many squares you fill out. Check out the details of our BINGO game below!

1 to 2 squares
You will win a
coveted ABclonal
Bunny Bag!
3 to 5 squares
You will get 10% off a
future catalog
reagent purchase!
6 to 8 squares
You will get 25% off a
future catalog
reagent purchase!
All 9 squares
You will get 50% off a
future catalog
reagent purchase!

You have from now until September 30th to fill out as many squares as possible.
Don’t delay, get started now!

Please note promotional codes will be sent out to the email associated with your account by October 15th


  • * Promotion runs from 00:00 August 15th to 24:00 September 30th.
  • * Promotion is for North American end users only.
  • * Promotion is for ABclonal members only, you must be signed into your ABclonal membership account when making purchases for the BINGO board to be filled in.
  • * Winner will be sent their prizes by October 15th through the email or address in their membership center.
  • * You will only be able to win one prize based on how many squares you have filled out.
  • * Winners of a promotional code will have 1 month from the date that the email is sent to use their unique promotional code.
  • * The winning promotional codes may not be combined with other offers.
  • * The winning promotional code will exclude the following products: ELISA kits, ELISA antibody pairs, sample collection and transportation products, and lab supplies.