With years of experience in producing highly specific and sensitive antibodies, ABclonal provides customized project that fits your individual requirements.



  • Timeline:
  • * If the customer provides the antigen: 10 weeks;
  • * If ABclonal prepares the antigen: 14 weeks (protein antigen) 13 weeks (protein antigen);


  • Free Antigen Design – Based on experience, data, and characteristics of your desired target.
    • Step 1: Cross-examine the sequence provided by the customer with the information in multiple databases, such as NCBI.
    • Step 2: Screen suitable, immunogenic protein or peptide candidates.
    • Step 3: Compare BLAST searches with genome or protein databases to identify ideal protein or peptide candidates.
    • Step 4: Perform protein alignments of homologs/orthologs/isoforms.
    • Step 5: Refer to relevant publications to better understand the 3D structure of the protein and the protein-protein/protein-DNA interaction.
  • Wider Choice of Host Animals – Choose from SPF (specific-pathogen-free) host animals, including rabbit, mouse, rat, and guinea pig.
  • High Specificity – Antibodies are purified by Protein A and antigen affinity chromatography. When needed, ABclonal can provide cross-purification to obtain a more specific antibody.
  • Guaranteed Result – 1 ng of protein antigen or 100 ng of peptide antigen is detected when the antibody is diluted at 1:1000.

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