Submit a name and a story today for the chance to win a $500 Amex gift card! We ABclonal want to shine a light on Lab Managers whose hard work can sometimes go underappreciated. From now until December 15, we will  provide a platform for you to share a story and some reasons as to why your Lab Manager deserves to be crowned the Lab Manager of the Year.

Lou BaudrierRockefeller University2554

Lou is undoubtedly the most responsible lab manager we have ever met. From supplies, finances to admin issues, Lou does a spectacular job ensuring the functioning of our lab. She is ready to act on any emergency that may occur at any time and is the keystone that holds the lab together. Lou is also a supportive friend to each and every lab member.

Kelly HigbyDana-Farber Cancer Institute1633

Forgot to order a reagent and need it in 2h? Need to strike the best deals for your go-to Ab? Need to remind the lab etiquette to your messy colleagues? Ask Kelly! Need to ask the same question for the 100th time? Ask Google! It’s Kelly, not Alexa. Kelly deals with all the issues but not the nonsense. Look no further for the best lab manager!

Silvija TopalovIndiana University School of Medicine1231

Silvija is tremendous to work with & is an excellent researcher that troubleshoots experiments, lab equipment & helps all the lab personnel. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, caring mentor & her success-driven style that serves to enhance the performance of her co-workers. She deserves the upmost praise & appreciation! Wed be lost without her!!!

Steven KleopoulosMount Sinai School of Medicine413

Of lab manager is a wonderful. He is passionate about science and does his utmost to advance our lab’s various molecular neuroscience projects. He is knowledgeable scientifically and helps with managerial support with a great willingness. He is also very kind. He encourages us, and shares information about grants and social networking events.

Frank LachRockefeller University203

Frank is not only the kindest and most helpful person I've ever met, but he is also incredibly smart and hard working. He somehow finds the time maintain everything within our lab while also conducting his own research. Hes always busy but will never hesitate to drop what hes doing to answer any question or help with any task. Frank is the best!

Jessica PovroznikWest Virginia University26

Jess has been with us for only a few months, but she has become one of the best assets we have in terms of our mouse colonies and helping organize them. She works extremely hard and is always okay with staying late or coming in early to help with large experiments. Her personality meshes so well with the lab and we are so grateful to have her.

Hiromi Nakao-InoueUniversity of California San Francisco18

She’s who we call when something isn’t right. / Without her, our experiments would fail. / Hiromi is our bulwark in the night. / O ninja master of fluorescent light! / O western blotter extraordinaire! / She’s who we call when something isn’t right. / Hiromi is our bulwark in the night.

Paula OverbyArizona State University16

Paula, our laboratory manager, is nothing short of exceptional. She takes pride in everything she does, aides in every lab study and keeps our lab afloat. Without her, our lab would not be nearly as productive. We appreciate her day-to-day grind and she deserves the upmost praise and appreciation! Paula has a heart of gold and keeps our lab going!

Amruta NarayanappaTulane University11

Dr. Amruta is an excellent researcher and she works a lot in the lab and troubleshoots various experiments and helps all the lab people. Amruta is supportive of each other and keystone in the lab.

Victoria MirandaUniversity of Michigan10

Tori, our lab manager has an outstanding work ethic and communication skills. Highlighting her commitment to our research team and study participants, while on a short vacation last week for a family members wedding, we had an another team member fall ill. She immediately took action (on vacation!!) and found a replacement for the ill team member.

Deranda LesterUniversity of Memphis5

Deranda is the gold standard for multitasking. She oversees 4 graduate students, an average of 5-7 undergrad thesis projects, maintains all the supplies for our lab experiments, oversees the Honors Program, and teaches 3 classes- every semester! Her passion for neuroscience is evident through her tireless efforts to share her knowledge.

Sonia GallegoAlbert Einstein College of Medicine5

Sonia is a perfect team organizer and manager. She has excellent managing kills from ordering stuff for the lab to make the lab members birthday memorable. She is humble and always available in emergency matters to support team members. Sonia has an exceptional initiative skill with scheduling and plans vacation calendar for team members to make

Sandy BerticsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison2

Sandy has over 35+ years of knowledge from her tenure here. With no recognition, she has been coauthor on hundreds of papers and author of dozens. From coaching, mentoring, & troubleshooting to committee serving, Sandy holds everything don ein the upmost importance.She is the most deserving person for recognition as we wouldnt be here without her!

Nivedita PurushotamanBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center2

Nivedita is the best lab manager in all of the labs that I have ever been a part of. Nivedita is very knowledgable about everything and everyone in the lab. she puts everyone in the best situation to succeed by tending to our needs with efficiency. She creates a joyful and positive working environment unlike any other lab.

Callen SpencerNorthwestern University1

Callen has been managing Dr. Bigios lab in the Neuropathology core at Northwestern for the past year. She recently has also taken on managing the start-up of Dr. Flannagans new lab here at Northwestern. She has provided excellent guidance and leadership throughout the entire process.


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