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Structural insights into preinitiation complex assembly on core promoters

Journal: Science

Publication Date: 4/1/2021

PubMed ID: 33795473

Referenced Products: TBP Rabbit pAb (A2192), POLR2B Rabbit pAb (A5928)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

Molecular basis of nucleosomal H3K36 methylation by NSD methyltransferases

Journal: Nature

Publication Date: 12/23/2020

PubMed ID: 33361816

Referenced Products: H3K36me1 Rabbit pAb (A2364)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

SPT5 stabilizes RNA polymerase II, orchestrates transcription cycles, and maintains the enhancer landscape

Journal: Molecular Cell

Publication Date: 9/10/2021

PubMed ID: 34534457

Referenced Products: Vinculin Rabbit mAb (A2752), H3K25ac1 Rabbit pAb (A7253), SUPT4H1 Rabbit pAb (A7933)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

Cancer cells escape autophagy inhibition via NRF2-induced macropinocytosis

Journal: Cancer Cell

Publication Date: 3/18/2021

PubMed ID: 33740421

Referenced Products: NRF2 Rabbit pAb (A11159)

Sample Species: Mus muculus

Application: WB

Targeting mitochondria-located circRNA SCAR alleviates NASH via reducing mROS output

Journal: Cell

Publication Date: 9/14/2020

PubMed ID: 32931733

Referenced Products: RNASEL Rabbit pAb (A9840)

Sample Species: Homo sapien

Application: WB

  • The Myriad Patterns of Inheritance

    In another life, I taught high school biology and had a lot of fun doing it. I had my students do the Cell City when we worked with organelles in the cell, and once we got to the genetics unit, we did something fun called Dragon Genetics.

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  • What to Think About Zinc: An Essential Element for Healthy Living

    Perhaps we only think of zinc as the extra element in our coins to keep manufacturing costs down, or as that random clip from the Simpsons about a world without zinc. Aside from thinking it is a wacky sounding word (I did look up the etymology and it is rather appropriate!), we just don’t consider zinc as being all that important.

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  • ABclonal in Action: 10 Scientific Studies Using ABclonal Antibodies

    Open collaboration is important for sustainable science, and every new study or publication, no matter the journal or institution, contributes to a greater understanding of biology, for better or for worse. Dozens of prior discoveries funnel into every new breakthrough, so we need to appreciate the years of painstaking labor and thought that go into every new morsel of knowledge.

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Matrix Metalloproteinases

    You go through everyday life thanks to the intricate communication and interaction of tissue and organ functions between the trillions of cells in your body. Within those tissues, a non-cellular component exists called the extracellular matrix (ECM).

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