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The Unsung Hero: Maurice Hilleman, Father of Vaccines
Having navigated the worst of a pandemic, it is amazing how just barely over a year since the first reports of SARS-CoV-2 , a vaccine was developed.
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The Progressive March Toward Equality
By the time I returned to graduate school to complete my PhD, the entering class in my program was half women and a large portion of my instructors were also women. I was encouraged to have access to their perspective and philosophies on science, and thought it a far cry from a decade before when most of my undergraduate instructors were men.
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The Nature of Being Sinister: The Genetics of Left-Handedness
Left-handed folks aren't as rare as people with polydactyly or syndactyly (webbed hands or feet), but you may have noticed that there aren't as many left-handed people out there as right-handed people.
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Fanzor: The Next Step in Gene Editing?
I was recording a new BioChat (you should subscribe) recently with a professor at Harvard. We discussed gene therapy in passing for the disease he was studying, and one of the things that he brought up was the need to ensure that whatever therapy is designed has to be safe and effective.
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